About Lissy

Welcome to Miss Lissy’s.

Lissy is a thirty something year old who has a huge amount of zest and passion for the performing arts. She believes that the arts are a direct representation of human emotion and that being involved in the arts is not only good for us, it is essential. Listening to music can alter our mood, consequently impacting the way in which we live, therefore she believes in music, movement and breathing techniques for healing purposes and all-round wellbeing. The most important thing to her is that you leave her performance or class feeling uplifted.

She started singing lessons as a nine year old and continued lessons into her early twenties. She is a classically trained singer but joined a reggae, rock and funk band at the age of nineteen and has been dabbling between classical and rock ever since, though she has a real love for Jazz. Moving to Australia Lissy joined a five piece rock band for two years and then went on to develop Dan and Lis, an acoustic duo. Spending most of her childhood involved in performances and during some holidays at performing arts school, she gained a sound understanding of the stage. Lissy has a soft spot for Musical Theatre and played Annie in the musical at the age of eleven. During her performance as Annie a real passion for stage was ignited and she met her first drama teacher Gay Edgecombe, Gay has always been one of her biggest inspirations. With countless performance hours under her belt, her favorite thing to do is to perform. She loves to teach voice and drama and finds a real connection with each student.

Miss Lissy enjoys people and has a sound understanding of ones need to be involved in Performing Arts, she has worked with students who have special needs and mental illness, she praises music for its healing abilities, and the biggest goal is for the student to see personal growth.

Mixed Arts group classes are an infusion of theater sports and stage work, singing and movement. Private lessons focus on voice and stage presence, Miss Lissy also takes private and group classes for Music Healing.

Miss Lissy looks forward to meeting you soon.